Podwale Bar & Books Podwale Bar & Books

Though it doesn’t have to be winter to enjoy Bar & Books, it definitely helps. Seen through frosted, foggy windows it’s a venue that reveals itself as a place of dark, delicious colors and rarefied air. Occupying the kind of charismatic gatehouse you’d read about in Dickens, position yourself in front of the upstairs fireplace for a celebratory cigar and a glass of something tall and lovely: the cocktails are in a class of their own and specifically customized for the season.

Podwale Bar & Books
ul. Wąski Dunaj 20, barandbooks.pl

  • Paweł

    14 September 2016 #1 Author

    Definitely one of the most wonderful places I have ever been (and I was in many ;)). Made in old, colonial style shines just next to the castle in the Warsaw Old Town. Jazz music perfectly suits the place and huge variety of Whisky and other alcohol made outsanding impression to me. I have to mention that I wouldn’t appreciate being in this place as much as I could without wonderful crew. Two skillful bartender plus friendly and beautiful waitress helped me enjoy my time in Podwale Bar and Books. Recommend anybody who search for a place with whisky, gins, congacs. Usually I don’t drink cocktails but I was offered Whisky Sour on the house and it was magnificent. Whisky Sour on Ardbeg with egg white rocks!!!


    • Insider

      14 September 2016 #2 Author

      Am in total agreement – it’s a place that makes life better!


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