In Focus: Fort Institute Of Photography
Out in deepest Mokotów, a former fortress has been developed into one of Warsaw’s primary cultural attractions… BY STUART DOWELL A wide-angle look over Warsaw’s landscape of photo galleries offers rather slim pickings for a city of its size and importance. However, zoom in on Mokotów’s post-Tsarist fort on... Read more
Glow All The Way

Glow All The Way

Features 12 December 2018 0

Warsaw’s love of neon shows no sign of abating with three more landmark signs added within months of each other… CeDeT Designed and produced in East Germany as ‘an expression of gratitude’ after the Germans were given use of the first floor to sell their consumer goods, the original... Read more
Bright Lights, Big City
With Warsaw’s Christmas countdown fully underway, the Insider presents all you need to know to survive and thrive during the month of December… Don’t Carp On First-timers beware! Expecting a Christmas feast featuring turkey and trimmings? Get real. Out in Poland, it’s the carp that’s the king of the... Read more
Review: Stolica
Stolica proves there’s more to Old Town than meets the eye… Few areas in the capital have a higher density of restaurants than the Old Town, but quantity is no guarantee of quality. Far from it. In a district top-heavy with below-par options aimed at onetime guests, Stolica stands... Read more
Travel: Jaczno

Travel: Jaczno

Features 27 November 2018 0

Getting There Jaczno sits approximately 315 kilometers south east of Warsaw, with drive time taking a little less than 4 hours. Reaching it without your own ride is a challenge but not impossible. The nearest town of note is Suwałki: a couple of trains make the journey daily in... Read more
One hundred Years Of Food & Drink
As Poland pauses to celebrate a centenary of independence, the Insider turns back the clock to explore how the capital’s food and drink sector has evolved over this time… From the jazz age, to wartime, from communism to capitalism, we trace a curious history filled with unexpected twists and... Read more
Review: Mokolove
Slowly, surely, Mokotów is stirring. Of course, there’s already some pretty fab restaurants present in the district, just maybe not as many as the area deserves. News, therefore, that Nolita’s former sous chef was spreading his wings to head his own restaurant out there was greeted with both enthusiasm... Read more
Travel: Osowa Sień

Travel: Osowa Sień

Features 5 November 2018 0

Resonating with positive energy, Pałac Osowa Sień promises a break to remember… BY ALEX WEBBER / PHOTOS BY ED WIGHT Bats, ghosts and a cobwebbed dungeon: my standard expectations of a castle hotel. Osowa Sień has none of these, and the closest I come to a fright is hearing... Read more
From Source: Warsaw’s Foodie Farm
Celebrated by chefs and restaurateurs, the family-run Majlert Farm on the outskirts of Warsaw has long enjoyed a peerless reputation for its eco-minded produce. Speaking to the Insider, Asia Majlert reveals the inner workings of this open foodie secret… The farm feels… in full bloom in October: we grow... Read more
Review: Zielony Niedźwiedź
Funny old place is Warsaw: one moment you’re standing amid communist concrete and boisterous traffic, the next you’re plunging down a zig-zagging pathway cut into steep, sloping parkland. At least, you are if you’re on the way to Zielony Niedźwiedź, an upmarket sanctuary in leafy Park Beyera. Just minutes... Read more