Review: Mokolove
Slowly, surely, Mokotów is stirring. Of course, there’s already some pretty fab restaurants present in the district, just maybe not as many as the area deserves. News, therefore, that Nolita’s former sous chef was spreading his wings to head his own restaurant out there was greeted with both enthusiasm... Read more
Travel: Osowa Sień

Travel: Osowa Sień

Features 5 November 2018 0

Resonating with positive energy, Pałac Osowa Sień promises a break to remember… BY ALEX WEBBER / PHOTOS BY ED WIGHT Bats, ghosts and a cobwebbed dungeon: my standard expectations of a castle hotel. Osowa Sień has none of these, and the closest I come to a fright is hearing... Read more
From Source: Warsaw’s Foodie Farm
Celebrated by chefs and restaurateurs, the family-run Majlert Farm on the outskirts of Warsaw has long enjoyed a peerless reputation for its eco-minded produce. Speaking to the Insider, Asia Majlert reveals the inner workings of this open foodie secret… The farm feels… in full bloom in October: we grow... Read more
Review: Zielony Niedźwiedź
Funny old place is Warsaw: one moment you’re standing amid communist concrete and boisterous traffic, the next you’re plunging down a zig-zagging pathway cut into steep, sloping parkland. At least, you are if you’re on the way to Zielony Niedźwiedź, an upmarket sanctuary in leafy Park Beyera. Just minutes... Read more
Welcome To The Fun House!
It’s not often that it happens, but every now and again you get a place that takes Warsaw’s nightlife in unexpected directions: for example, Nocny Market, a food and drinks concept in an abandoned train station – it sent the city crazy. Closed for good in October, its ultimate... Read more
Beer Festival Cheat Sheet!
Survive the toughest three days your liver stands to face with these inside tips from the Warsaw Beer Festival’s co-founder, Paweł Leszczyński… Thursday That’s beer geek day! It’s for those that are ready to take time off work to be the first to try the new beers. With everyone... Read more
Review: Tahina

Review: Tahina

FeaturesReviews 17 October 2018 0

Looking at Wilcza, it helps to divide it into three sections. You’ve got the flanks, one benefiting from its proximity to Mokotowska, the other feasting on the spillover from Koszyki and Poznańska. Then, sandwiched in between, there’s that awkward bit in the middle. From a personal point of view,... Read more
Review: Ceviche Bar
Meet The Man Less guarded than his European counterparts, there’s an openness to Argentinean chef Martin Gimenez Castro that manifests itself in his cooking: though primarily known for his groundbreaking fine dining restaurant Salto, it’s in the Ceviche Bar that his character truly escapes. More than just a side... Read more
50 Things Every Varsovian Must Do!
We’ve magicked up a nifty fifty musts that all should complete before they can claim their Medal of Service. Not just for rookies but for veterans as well, you haven’t conquered Warsaw till you’ve experienced the following…    #1 Relive… The Past Warsaw likes to dress-up… and not just for a... Read more
Museum of Warsaw: Revisited
Baffling, contradictory but also compelling, the Insider explores the new additions to the acclaimed Museum of Warsaw… BY STUART DOWELL | PHOTOS BY KEVIN DEMARIA The watercolor hawkers on the market square have been selling picturesque scenes of Old Town for years. In the future though, a typical scene... Read more