Review: Koreanka Grill
You could argue that no other person has influenced the direction of the city’s Asian course more than restaurateur Yeunsu Lee. Already responsible for concepts such as Vietnamka and Koreanka, her latest operation builds on the success of the latter whilst introducing the joys of the Korean grill to... Read more
Exploring Kamionek

Exploring Kamionek

Features 8 October 2019 0

Wedged between atmospheric old Praga and snooty Saska Kępa, Kamionek is more than the mundane no-man’s land that many seem to think… Take Center Stage Said to be Warsaw’s first post-war theater, Powszechny ( started performing on Al. Zieleniecka on February 10th, 1945, just weeks after the last Germans... Read more
Top Five Georgian Restaurants
Fall in love with Georgia with the Insider’s fave five! Chinkalnia ul. Piękna 15 Looking a little more modern – sterile, dare we say it – than your typical folksy ethnic outpost, Chinkalnia’s draw is indeed its chinkali: dough purses packed with meaty broth. There’s a genuine homey quality... Read more
Warsaw’s Top Vegans
Officially ranked the 7th most vegan-friendly city in the world, Warsaw’s plant-based scene continues to expand at a rate that feels close to exponential – during the last roll-call, there were 161 restaurants to pick from! Sensibly, we’ve whittled that choice to a more digestible figure… Krowarzywa Tatts, hats... Read more
Review: Yestersen Cafe
Not content with ruling the domestic scene where online vintage furnishings are concerned, Yestersen have gone one better and opened a bricks-and-mortar venture – complete with coffee while you browse! And beautiful it is, too. Already the subject of rave reviews from Vogue, Elle and other such influential titles,... Read more
The Perfect Chemis-tree: Warsaw & The Palm!
Asked what public art should ‘achieve’, Joanna Rajkowska is surprisingly dismissive. “Nothing, really,” she replies, “it should just be a part of our everyday lives” It’s perhaps a startling admission given that Rajkowska, it could be argued, started Warsaw’s mania for this form of art. First appearing in the... Read more
Street Art: NeSpoon

Street Art: NeSpoon

Features 24 September 2019 0

Famed for her work with lace patterns, the Insider speaks to NeSpoon about her captivating style of street art… WI: You’re often quoted as saying you were reborn in 2009… NeSpoon: I’ve been painting since I can remember, since kindergarten. I wanted to be a ‘real artist’ at the... Read more
Warsaw’s Food Halls & Happenings
Across Warsaw, everyone is eating together! Join the revolution at the following game changing venues… Hala Gwardii Set within a charmingly distressed piece of Tsarist-era brickwork, it’s not just the depth of the offer that has kept crowd figures high, but the quality as well. Standouts in this food... Read more
Warsaw Gallery Weekend 2019
Now in its ninth year, Warsaw Gallery Weekend has, in the past, been described as a show of muscle from the capital’s privately-run galleries. Designed to promote the talents of Poland’s rising and established stars, whilst offering an escape from the elitism of the capital’s big players, this year’s... Read more
Street Art: The Lost World Of Fort Bema
The Insider enters the unknown to discover a secretive world of long lost street art… BY ALEX WEBBER | PHOTOS BY ED WIGHT As art initiatives go, it was wild and weird and crazier than most. An attempt to “reconcile the independence, spontaneity and anarchy of street art with... Read more