Review: Zoni

Review: Zoni

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On The Eye Designed under the guidance of the world-renowned architect and designer Mirosław Nizio, it’s a space that impresses with an interior that revels in cast iron kilns, flooring produced from vodka barrels, long shadows and industrial bits and pieces that have been lovingly restored. Sprawling, historic and... Read more
Gdynia-Tel Aviv: POLIN’s Stunning Exhibition
Three-thousand miles apart, yet bonded by several underlying similarities, a new exhibition at the POLIN museum seeks to explore the entwining commonalities between Gdynia and Tel Aviv. Rippling blue seas, pristine white buildings, stretching sands and clear, sunny skies. This is the Gdynia and Tel Aviv that the exhibition... Read more
Top Public Art Picks

Top Public Art Picks

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Forget the gallery, some of Warsaw’s biggest artistic statements are to be found on the streets and squares of the capital city… Take a dilapidated house that’s stood empty for years and one acclaimed artist with a penchant for tin foil: presto, you have Praga’s ‘Tin Foil House’. Dating... Read more
New Mural Celebrates The Old
News that two classic murals dating from the PRL period had been destroyed in July has prompted a fightback led by a frontier-pushing firm specializing in commercial wall paintings… Located on Targowa 15 in the heart of blue-collar Praga, the pair of murals – one advertising jewelry and the... Read more
Top Summer Ice Cream Spots
What did the Insider do this summer? We ate every ice cream that Warsaw had to offer. From a choice running into the zillions, the following are the ones that had it licked… Frank Warszawa ul. Polna 18/20 Mixing, so they say, French philosophy with New York creativity and... Read more
Beer-lieve It Or Not! Warsaw in world’s Top 15 beer cities!
Dropping like a bombshell among aficionados the world over was August’s news that CNN had picked Warsaw in its Top 15 shortlist of craft beer cities … Photographs by Ed Wight Of all the accolades that have poured Warsaw’s way in recent times, there can’t be many that have... Read more
6 Essential Views of Warsaw
Don’t mess with anything but the best sunset spots Watch candy floss-colored sunsets from the cosmic rooftop garden that sits on top of the BUW Library (Dobra 68/70) . Festooned with Triffid-style plant life and slashed with futuristic walkways, this unexpected park comes with the bonus of fab riverside... Read more
Talk Of The Terraces: Best Summer Gardens
Talk Of The Terraces With the mercury rising, the Insider tracks down its top secret gardens and restaurant terraces… Ale Wino ul. Mokotowska 48 At first you think you’re walking into a car park. And then, it hits you – a beautiful inner-city sanctum with wooden decking, a slanted... Read more
Review: Aura

Review: Aura

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There are smaller bars in Warsaw, but finding them would require a magnifying glass. Nestled inside a small nook on Hoża, the mousehole dimensions of Aura are tempered by the tall ceilings and Moroccan-style design: dark, mysterious and intriguing, there’s something decadent and delicious about it all. It’s a... Read more
Alpha Mail: Wacky Stamps Go Viral
A series of stamps commemorating the oddest holidays you’ve never heard of have earned a young Polish designer worldwide attention… A Warsaw-based designer has had his work thrust under an international spotlight after creating a set of stamps celebrating bizarre, little-known holidays. Titled ‘The Calendar of Unusual Holidays’, the... Read more