Traffic Cafe

Traffic Cafe

Restaurants 29 August 2013 0

The cafe on top of the Traffic bookstore in the center of Warsaw is many things to me. It is a classroom (where I meet my Polish tutor), an office (free wi-fi and plenty of space), a meeting place and, most importantly, a place to relax and let time... Read more


Restaurants 27 August 2013 0

Speak the words ‘art café’ and I think of Kraków. Specifically, I think of the Kazimierz district and its dark, shadowy haunts – you know the sort, cobwebs in the corner and chipped, wobbly tables. Crowded around them, student girls in stripy leggings, and pseudo intellectuals with second hand... Read more
Po Prostu Zachęta
Sundays for Luncheonettes are most likely to be spent in a museum and a downtown eatery. If the two are in close proximity, all the better. So hats off to Zachęta, Warsaw’s premiere contemporary art museum, for creating the perfect Sunday outing. Open since mid-February, the bistro Po Prostu... Read more
Victoria’s Secret
The international megabrand that made lingerie a household name and put Angels in suspender belts has made its first foray into the Polish market, opening up two boutiques last summer. Alas, we won’t find the gargantuan boutiques of New York City, filled to the brim with frills and lace,... Read more
Kubek w Kubek Café
Imagine this: three women, all young mothers, leave their unfulfilling corporate lives for a life of fulfillment as proud owners of a cute café in Stary Mokotów. Such was the birth of Kubek w Kubek. “Everything happens for a reason,” reads one of the many such paintings on the... Read more
Mama Lama

Mama Lama

Restaurants 19 August 2013 0

Mama Lama is located in old Mokotów, in a street that has a growing number of trendy cafes and hip shops. I took a peek at their FB page, and noted the extensive list of activities (‘mini music’, creative classes, dance/movement) and long opening hours: both ticked the mum... Read more
Christian’s BakerHouse
So, hybrids have been popping up all around Warsaw as of 2012. And it seems the Polish celebrity chef, Krystian Zalejski, has lusted after one of his own. But his bakery-cum-restaurant-cum-café-cum-wine bar (phew!) is not like the other ones of its kind. It quickly becomes clear that the owner... Read more
Rozbrat 20

Rozbrat 20

Restaurants 4 August 2013 0

**PERMANENTLY CLOSED** It’s difficult to describe something when words simply can’t do it justice. While Rozbrat 20 has been around sometime already, I’ve only just recently discovered it. It soon became my favourite place to dine, for all the meals of the day. That is because R20 fills the... Read more
Silk and Spicy
If you don’t benchmark Silk & Spicy against what you’d eat in Asia (and you really shouldn’t), then you might enjoy it. “The curry was on taste-wise,” said our disappointed graphic, “but the cream cheese didn’t work in the sushi and the kmichi-style salad served at the beginning was... Read more
Warszawa Wschodnia
U Kucharzy, I understand, means something along the lines of ‘eat with the chefs’. Well, that concept didn’t fall far from the Gessler family tree. But instead of joining the chefs plopping schabowy on your table, Adam Gessler’s son, Mateusz, took a hip leap across the Wisła to a... Read more