Review: Smanczneego
Special moments await in not-so-distant Konstancin… First things first and there are those that will gripe about the location of SmaczneEgo: “Konstancin,” they’ll whine, “but isn’t that far?” The answer depends on how you view distance. At around zł. 50 by cab from the center, it’s closer than Italy... Read more
Review: Kanapa

Review: Kanapa

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The food of Poland’s eastern neighbor gets a thrilling new direction in Kanapa… The Place When the Insider first visited at the start of last year, Kanapa was described by our reviewer as ‘a thoughtful essay in understated elegance: antique and classy, yet with enough eclectic touches to add... Read more
Review: Pizza Boyz
Millennial dreams are realized in Pizza Boyz…   A satirical comment on the modern world or a fascinating anthropological study of millennial culture? Whatever it is, Pizza Boyz is as brash and in-yer-face as the name may suggest. If you’re over twenty, then you’re over the hill. Targeted at... Read more
Tastes of Thailand
San Thai says much for the renaissance of Próżna… You don’t need to go that far back in time to remember when Próżna looked like it was going to come tumbling down: flanked by disintegrating tenements precariously propped up by wooden scaffolds, it was the street that time forgot.... Read more
Nothing Lasts Forever
An exhibition at Królikarnia examines the ignominious fate suffered by a growing number of monuments scattered about Central Eastern Europe. Ongoing through to April 10th, Królikarnia’s Monument exhibition explores the ‘functions, histories and processes to which monuments are subject’, presenting the biographies of over twenty such objects from Central... Read more
Review: El Koktel
The Door’s Locked? Yes, and for a reason. Firstly, to keep undesirables at bay, and secondly, to add a personal touch. “We’re not a speakeasy,” stresses co-owner Mateusz, “but by keeping the door locked we’re able to meet and greet each guest and also say good bye at the... Read more
Little Italy

Little Italy

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Small is beautiful down in Powiśle… BY ALEX WEBBER | PHOTOS BY KEVIN DEMARIA These are interesting times to be in Powiśle. If there was an unspoken fear that the closure of Solec 44 was the signal for all life to end, then that fear has proved ill-founded. Powiśle,... Read more
The Secret Is Out
Themed on prohibition America, Warsaw’s latest covert bar has made quite a splash… BY ALEX WEBBER | PHOTOS BY ED WIGHT I’m Lost! It’s a speakeasy, hun. Unmarked from the outside, it’s a place that buys into the global trend for hidden bars: after all, who doesn’t love entering... Read more
Review: Stolica
Stolica proves there’s more to Old Town than meets the eye… Few areas in the capital have a higher density of restaurants than the Old Town, but quantity is no guarantee of quality. Far from it. In a district top-heavy with below-par options aimed at onetime guests, Stolica stands... Read more
Review: Mokolove
Slowly, surely, Mokotów is stirring. Of course, there’s already some pretty fab restaurants present in the district, just maybe not as many as the area deserves. News, therefore, that Nolita’s former sous chef was spreading his wings to head his own restaurant out there was greeted with both enthusiasm... Read more