Review: Bistro Pod Sowami
The Area Disclosure: ask me to think of Old Praga and I think of half-wrecked buildings with foul-smelling corridors leading to dark, squalid courtyards. Sure, I’m no longer paranoid that I’ll get my throat cut at every turn, but that’s hardly an endorsement. But the truth is, change is... Read more
Margarita Kolendra
Without wishing to insult anyone, the way I see it, Mexican cuisine doesn’t require all that much thought – at least, not when it comes to executing the pretty basic dishes that ex-pats demand. What it does need, mind you, is a little bit of know-how and a bag... Read more
Review: Vietnamka
Divey but lively, diners step down into Vietnamka to find a shouty little lair of mint green walls and wobbly wooden tables. Infused with a gentle sense of chaos (drinks after mains, mains before starters), there’s a certain charm at work that feels authentic and convincing. As for the... Read more
Review: Talerzyki
Offering a nostalgic journey through Poland’s culinary heritage, Talerzyki have acquired a devoted audience in double quick time: presenting big flavors on small plates, here’s a place that miniaturizes the more glorious aspects of the nation’s cuisine and does so in style. The usual suspects are here – silvery... Read more
Review: Zielony Niedźwiedź
Ask me to think of Smolna and I think of that hammerhead building at the end of the street: you know, that miserable 70s throwback that hangs over PKP Powiśle like a corpse on a gallows. Yet beyond the commie concrete lies a pathway that zig zags down the... Read more
Review: Worek Kości
A celebration of both the burlesque and bizarre, Worek Kości is the bar Edgar Allan Poe would create were he raised from the dead. Dark and decadent, it’s everything you want from a shadowy daytime coffee spot to a lively evening hangout with ad-libbed cocktails and an unconventional program... Read more
Review: Otto Pompieri
Preconceptions: bad, aren’t they? You walk in expecting one thing and come out looking like a fool. So it was visiting Otto Pompieri. I’ll be frank, looking at the menu I made up my mind on the spot: “nah, don’t like it.” Why? Because I felt like I’d seen... Read more
Review: Ban Bao

Review: Ban Bao

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Take a bow (or in this case, a bao) for one of the big trends of recent times: Asian street tastes have swept Warsaw, and so too the realization that cheap food doesn’t always mean inferior food. Specializing in bao – soft and pillowy steamed buns cascading with slow-cooked... Read more
Review: N31 By Robert Sowa
Been there, done it all. That’s Robert Sowa, a national treasure widely hailed for modernizing Poland’s gastronomic sector back in the country’s culinary dark days. A common sight on TV, the chef’s public profile has meant there’s no shortage of bums on seats in his flagship restaurant, but does... Read more
Review: Koko & Roy
Here’s your challenge for the day: seek out as many Poles as you can and then ask them to define American food. Chances are the answers will range from burgers and stretch all the way to more burgers – in a nutshell, it’s a long shot that you’ll hear... Read more