Take me to the River
If you like to be beside the seaside but don’t want the five hour drive, then hook your bucket and spade on to your handlebars and pedal off to Warsaw’s riverbank! By Gill Boelman-Burrows La Playa (laplaya.pl) Surrounded by fake palm trees, this beach club has ample seating and... Read more
Mini Warsaw!
Great things are done by a series of small things brought together – not my words, but the words of Vincent Van Gogh. And, visiting the Makiety Warszawy, you quickly learn to appreciate such sentiment. Set in the basement of Teatr Kamienica, this virtually unknown attraction aims to evoke... Read more
Warsaw Wakeboarding
Wawa Wake (ul. Wspólna in Konstancin-Jeziorna, wawawake.pl) Quite a place – wakeboarding galore at a venue that also boasts a beach bar, board shop, a ‘stand up paddle center’ and a wake park. The key attraction is a WakeStation with a cable length of 160 meters. Wakepark Łomianki (pictured)... Read more
As Green As Grass
Parks dominate Warsaw: with over 20,000 hectares of greenery to explore, the Insider edits down your choice to twelve of the best… Art Królikarnia Note the set of rules at the entrance that give permission to fly kites, read books and hug statues. Festooned with sculptures, highlights include a... Read more
Paddle and Float Away
Not keen on sailing? No worries, you can still have fun splashing the waters of the Mazurian Lakes. By Kit F. Chung Come summer weekends, the denizens of the capital decamp to the Masurian Lake District to snuggle up to nature. Almost every Pole I know has sailed these waters. It’s... Read more
On Lake Time
Sausages, skateboards, specters and sunsets: the Insider goes off-grid in search of adventure at Farma Krzyczki…     (Text: Alex Webber | Photos: Ed Wight) The thing about telling a lie is that it’ll always return to haunt you; that’s why today I’m on an electric skateboard hurtling headlong towards... Read more
Play The Market
I’m definitely not a morning person, especially on Saturday’s, so the thing I like about Targ Śniadaniowy is that it’s much more than the breakfast market it modestly bills itself as. This magical open air spot is a bit of everything: a food market, a picnic, even a place to get... Read more
Skra-tching the Surface 
On the one hand, an emblem of modern Warsaw, on the other, a graveyard of communist memories: time to explore the SKRA sports complex! (Text: Alex Webber | Photos: Ed Wight) There’s perfect and there’s too perfect. Look at Łazienki. Beautiful, isn’t it. But stray onto the lawns and... Read more
Sunday With Chopin
The first Chopin concerts were organized in Łazienki Park in 1959, shortly after the composer’s monument was rebuilt and put back in its place near the park’s main entrance next to the Belweder Palace. The monument itself has had a troubled history; the idea to raise a statue for... Read more
In The Red
For the definitive blast to the past, a visit to the Museum of Life Under Communism has become an essential part of any cultural itinerary… (Text: Alex Webber | Photos: Ed Wight) Traditionalists shudder: with their clever marketing and CGI gimmicks, Warsaw’s top museums have the slick, polished feel... Read more