Snap Chat

Snap Chat

Insider News 21 September 2018 0

Residents of a small town in south western Poland found themselves on red alert last week after rumors swept Świebodzice that a crocodile had been spotted prowling the streets. The palaver began after a photo was posted on social media showing a baby croc basking on a pavement and... Read more
An Apple A Day

An Apple A Day

Insider News 18 September 2018 0

The ongoing debate about what to do with Pl. Defilad took a new turn in August after a master’s thesis by a graduate of the Silesian University of Technology took the web by storm. The work of Kacper Ziółkowski, the project envisions transforming the square into a socially-minded Apple... Read more
Singer Festival

Singer Festival

Insider News 30 August 2018 0

From modest beginnings in 2004, Warsaw’s annual Singer festival has established itself as one of Europe’s best-known festivals of Jewish culture. Expected to attract over 40,000 people, in excess of 200 events have been planned over a nine-day period, including screenings, guided walks, discussions, cookery workshops, literary meetings and... Read more
Off The Wall

Off The Wall

Insider News 28 August 2018 0

With politicians and the public still bickering over the future of the Palace of Culture, an independent candidate for the post of Warsaw Mayor has blown everyone out of the water with his personal proposal: to cover the façade with a giant mural. Other policies Paweł Tanajno hopes to... Read more
Match Of The Century!
Dubbed by local fans as the Match of the Century, mid-August’s national holiday saw two of the nation’s great football teams resume their good-natured rivalry and lock horns in the first round of the Puchar Polski. Played inside Marymont’s beautifully dilapidated stadium, Kartofliska – a cult groundhopping blog –... Read more
Time Up For Black Cat?
The ongoing saga of the Czarny Kot hotel has taken one more twist after a local court decided the land it stands on must be returned to the city. First built in the 1990, the six-story hotel has consistently been cited as being one of the capital’s worst eyesores,... Read more
Commemorating the Uprising
Throughout the day, August 1st will witness a number of official ceremonies with events kicking-off in earnest at 9 a.m. with the laying of wreaths at the monument to Colonel Antoni Chruściel (commander of the Warsaw district) on Filtrowa 68. More official business will be conducted from 4 p.m.... Read more
Revamp For PKiN
Conducted by the Kraków-based firm Renovatorium, work has begun on restoring the Palace of Culture’s observation deck back to its original, sparkling white look. Set to continue until mid-September, the project will include a thorough clean of the façade, the first time such has happened for over 40 years.... Read more
Hiss Off: Snake Alert
Police have warned the public about an escaped snake thought to measure up to six-meters long. The news first broke last week after the skin of an Indian Python was discovered in the south west of Warsaw close to the Wisła River. Originally, skeptics had declared the whole charade... Read more
Stones In Warsaw!
Over fifty years since they first played in Warsaw, the Rolling Stones returned to the capital to leave crowds stunned with an electrifying performance at the National Stadium. Marking the end of their No Filter tour, Mick Jagger took time to address the crowd in Polish and back dissenters... Read more