Playhouse Playhouse

Not here gorilla gangsters on the door or pushy girls doing the rounds (“buy me drinky drinky”). Instead, Playhouse models itself on the top class mega clubs such as Spearmint Rhino, and the result is a subterranean space removed from the sleaze and murk usually associated with the industry. But you want to know what the girls are like, yeah? Let the fact voted it their favorite strip in the world speak for itself!

Al. Solidarności 82A, tel. 794 007 000, open 21:00-5:00,

  • tonnymaneros

    31 October 2018 #1 Author

    Hello, I will give my experience as a regular user in this great country, please do not enter this site, there are many others better, I am a private individual I will not give data, just say that the porters tried to steal my wallet, and their attitude It was demeaning, there were guns and drugs were, go to other gentlemen and have fun. Danger my friends


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