Scaling New Heights Scaling New Heights

Since bursting onto the scene last year, Aleksandra Logusz, a.k.a Blogusz, has obtained a cult following for her daredevil photos taken from the top of Warsaw’s landmarks…

• My background is in journalism and PR, so out of respect for professionals I wouldn’t even call myself a photographer. I have taken no classes and am completely self-taught. I started off exploring the city with a camera last year, and because I didn’t feel comfortable invading people’s privacy I began taking pictures of places instead. In doing so, I wanted to find new angles that would surprise people. I didn’t want to photograph the ‘obvious’. Originally, I ‘borrowed’ the camera my dad was given for
his anniversary. He did wonder for a while how I was getting such shots from my iPhone! 

• How do I get to the top of buildings? I use my charm! I have to stress, I never break the law: everything I do is legal. It requires a lot of patience, sometimes it takes months before I’m allowed access into a building. Then, finally, when you get to the top you find the weather isn’t right and the whole approval process starts again. 

• I don’t get scared while shooting photos, I only really think about the risk when I’m back on ground level and looking through the pictures. Occasionally the shoots are quite spontaneous: one time I was off to a date wearing this silky dress and ballet flats when I received a call giving me the go ahead to get into a building. It was only seven floors high but I found myself having to clear a one meter gap at the top between the window and the other side. 

• I’ve only lived here for two and a half years, so I hope that my photography brings a fresh perspective on the city. I first visited in 1997 for a Michael Jackson concert and my impressions were of a grey, noisy town. Since then there’s been so many changes: looking out across the city it makes me so proud to see how Poland has developed.

• I get a lot of questions asking how I get into buildings. I always say, don’t do it – just look at my pictures and enjoy them. I don’t approve of shortcuts and don’t want to take responsibility for someone having an accident. I’m not some adrenaline junky – what concerns me is the aesthetic experience. And, you know what, I don’t take as many risks as you might think! 

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