Review: Ceviche Bar
Meet The Man Less guarded than his European counterparts, there’s an openness to Argentinean chef Martin Gimenez Castro that manifests itself in his cooking: though primarily known for his groundbreaking fine dining restaurant Salto, it’s in the Ceviche Bar that his character truly escapes. More than just a side... Read more
Nocny Market: The End
So it ends. Three years after reshaping the way Warsaw eats and meets, Nocny Market will be opening for one last hurrah this weekend before making way for the builders. Housed for the last few summers on the disintegrating platforms of Warszawa Głowna, a long overdue plan to revamp... Read more
Notes: Yache Korea

Notes: Yache Korea

Blog 29 September 2018 0

Though best known as Warsaw’s principal source of craft beer, Nowogrodzka is starting to show it’s more than just a one-trick pony. Helping the food angle along is this newbie, a tiny Korean joint with an even smaller menu. So far so good, with the bulgogi arguably being the... Read more
Nowina: A Family Affair
Taking girl power to the next level, two sisters have set about shaking Warsaw’s wine scene… It takes passion and commitment for a business to thrive; double the dose and great things can happen. Take Nowina, a project co-founded by two sisters, Paulina and Stefania. Bonded by more than... Read more
Drugie Dno Ochota

Drugie Dno Ochota

Going Out 15 September 2018 0

Buoyed by the success of their Nowogrodzka venture, the team behind The Double D expand outwards towards Ochota with a new venture that follows much the same spirit as the original: a funky neo-industrial interior, experimental beers and a crowd that feels a little more mixed and diverse than... Read more
Miejsce Chwila

Miejsce Chwila

Reviews 3 September 2018 0

Booted out of their original location in Mirów, this legendary dive bar hopes to rekindle the glory years at a new address on that bit of Żurawia most forget exists – all that is, aside from their ardent band of fans. Surviving the move from their former digs is... Read more


Going Out 28 August 2018 0

Situated round the back of Trzech Krzyży (enter from Nowy Świat), this courtyard bar has become the new great hope of the nocturnal city. Open from early evening (hours will, apparently, be extended come September), it’s a glorious, hidden enclave that feels fresh in its approach. Founded by the... Read more
Review: The Long Bar
The Place With the city’s nightlife reaching new, uncharted highs, hotel bars have started looking increasingly redundant: gone, the days when they were the center of expat high jinx and riotous nights of tabletop dancing. Of course, some have fared better than others, but for the most part they’ve... Read more
Kufle i Kapsle Powiśle
Doing it in a way that feels shabby, gritty but yet totally cool, this is a bar that riffs on themes of industrial and retro to maximum effect. Ground floor: a small bar area with a secret strip of seating snaking back behind; upstairs, the kind of furnishings last... Read more
Notes: Kufle I Kapsle Powiśle
Opened mid-July, Kufle’s latest venture is a throwback to the time when Powiśle was indy and upcoming and on the frontline of hip. Doing it in a way that feels shabby, gritty but yet totally cool, this is a bar that riffs on themes of industrial and retro to... Read more