Time For Picasso!

Time For Picasso!

Insider News 24 February 2019 0

Drawing 18,000 people over its initial 12-day run, the astounding success of the National Museum’s Pablo Picasso exhibition has persuaded directors to extend the display’s lifespan by a further week. Now wrapping up on March 3rd, the exhibition presents 30 ceramics and prints that had hitherto been kept locked... Read more
Exhibition: Zachęta
Focusing on Poland’s interwar period, The Future Will Be Different gets to grips with the social ideas that were born from the nation’s independence in 1918. Spotlighting previously silent voices – women, children, ethnic minorities and the general proletariat – this exhibition views the Poland of the 1920s and... Read more
Travel: Podgórze

Travel: Podgórze

Features 23 February 2018 0

BY ALEX WEBBER | PHOTOS BY ED WIGHT Podgórze: Kraków’s left rump hasn’t always reveled in the healthiest of reputations. A friend of mine lived there for a while around about the start of the millennium and had a habit of calling it ‘the land of flying knives’. “It’s... Read more
Art From The Other Side
Now showing at the Museum of Modern Art, a startling exhibition that reveals the post-war connection between the artists of South America and their Iron Curtain counterparts… Frequently marginalized in terms of its wider importance, the Kinetic and Op Art movement first emerged in the 1950s as a reaction... Read more
Artist: Dawid Majgat

Artist: Dawid Majgat

Features 6 September 2017 0

Warsaw-based artist Dawid Majgat talks about Republic ¥, a preposterous, self-invented parallel world inhabited by monsters and other creatures of his imagination. The Artist’s Statement “The concept of Republic ¥ envisions a colonial state in which the citizens are monsters. This absurd world acts as a sandbox, giving the... Read more
Exhibition: Hungarian Love
The Confession: ethnographic museums tend to drive me to the brink of suicide. A journey into the slough of despond, they bring to mind cobwebbed chambers crowded with peasant rugs and burlap dresses. Booooring. The thing is, for the past few years or so Warsaw’s own ethnographic effort has... Read more
Cinderella in Warsaw!
Announcing itself in a burst of splendid seasonal color, for the past two years the tiny ‘Gablotka’ gallery on Marszałkowska 41 has been cheering up Warsaw with its witty style. Found inside a small glass case once used by a local cobbler to display his work, it’s a surefire... Read more
Exhibition: Dawid Majgat
“I’m a monster maker and worshipper of organic hand gestures,” says artist Dawid Majgat, “I create projects characterized by their absurdity, alluding to everyday life, the present and the past, pop-culture, folk-culture, video games, cartoons and tribalism.” The artist’s latest exhibition, Gold’n’Fish, presents the canon of the greatest portrait... Read more
Warsaw On Air
The acclaimed aerial photographer, Maciej Margas, has marked the launch of his new book, Warsaw On Air, with a temporary exhibition on the 35th floor of the Warsaw Trade Tower (ul. Chłodna 51). Running until April 13th, visit between 1 p.m. till 9 p.m. Admission is charged at zł.... Read more
Point Of View

Point Of View

Features 4 April 2017 0

Ahead of the launch of his new exhibition and book, aerial photographer Maciej Margas talks to the Insider about the thrills and spills of his chosen vocation… Go on, how does it feel being up there? What I really love is the overwhelming feeling of freedom and the thousands... Read more