Piłsudski Returns!
A pre-war sculpture of Poland’s de-facto inter-war leader, Józef Piłsudski, has gone on show at Warsaw’s Kordegarda Gallery after being found festering and forgotten in the basement of the National Museum. Designed by the Croatian sculptor Ivan Meštrović, it was to serve as a prototype for a 25-meter tall... Read more
Museum of Warsaw: Revisited
Baffling, contradictory but also compelling, the Insider explores the new additions to the acclaimed Museum of Warsaw… BY STUART DOWELL | PHOTOS BY KEVIN DEMARIA The watercolor hawkers on the market square have been selling picturesque scenes of Old Town for years. In the future though, a typical scene... Read more
Commemorating the Uprising
Throughout the day, August 1st will witness a number of official ceremonies with events kicking-off in earnest at 9 a.m. with the laying of wreaths at the monument to Colonel Antoni Chruściel (commander of the Warsaw district) on Filtrowa 68. More official business will be conducted from 4 p.m.... Read more
One Of A Kind: Europejski
Re-energized following a magnificent six-year refit, the Europejski Hotel reopened in June to widespread acclaim… Immediately installed as Poland’s most distinguished hotel, the June launch of the Raffles Europejski Warsaw was the culmination of a meticulous renovation that saw no expense spared. But so much more than just another... Read more
Sto Lat Maluch!

Sto Lat Maluch!

Features 12 June 2018 0

June 6th marked the 45th anniversary of the Fiat 126p. Nicknamed Maluch (‘the little one’), the diminutive rear-engine car has since acquired cult status both at home and abroad… and even Hollywood. The Maluch was introduced to Poland as part of Edward Gierek’s plan to ‘motorize’ the nation. Prior... Read more
Jomsborg Viking Village
Thriving in the woodlands of Żoliborz is a secret Viking world of brawn and battle… BY ALEX WEBBER | PHOTOS BY ED WIGHT It’s not unusual to find a successful business person leaving the rat race to pursue their true calling. Some do so to sail the world, others... Read more
On A Pedestal: Nike
Resilient, courageous, combative and triumphant, the figure of Nike is all these and more. Standing at the intersection of Nowy Przejazd and Solidarności, the Greek Goddess of Victory (you didn’t think we were referring to the sneaker firm, did you?), is also arguably the city’s most misunderstood monument. Certainly,... Read more
Faberge Rediscovered
Two silver fish knives produced by Faberge have been rediscovered in Poland. Valued at just under five million złoty, the knives date from 1900 and are believed to have been part of a wider set of cutlery that was melted down during the Russian Revolution; according to researchers, they... Read more
Controversies of the Rising
Over seventy years on, the rights and wrongs of the 1944 Warsaw Uprising continue to be the source of fierce debate… BY STUART DOWELL They say that if you lock two Poles in a room for 24 hours you will get three opinions, not to mention several political parties,... Read more
Treblinka Remembered
The 74th anniversary of the inmate rebellion at the Treblinka death camp was marked last Wednesday by a somber ceremony organized by the Jewish Historical Institute. Those in attendance included the Israeli ambassador, Anna Azari, Poland’s chief rabbi, Michael Schudrich, and Ada Willenberg, widow of the late Samuel Willenberg,... Read more