Warsaw Restaurant Week
Now extended to cover eleven Polish cities, the latest installation of Restaurant Week kicks-off today with 72 Warsaw restaurants confirmed to take part. The basis is simple: for the full length of the festival, participating restaurants will be offering three-course set menus for the bargain price of zł. 39.... Read more
Out Of The Blue
A technology firm based outside of Warsaw has seen its latest project go viral after their work was picked up on by digital platforms such as Reddit, Bored Panda and the Daily Mail Online. Designed by TPA Instytut Badań Technicznych, their 100-meter long solar powered bike lane, unveiled close... Read more
Czarny Protest

Czarny Protest

Insider News 3 October 2016 0

Across Poland, thousands of people have taken to the streets this afternoon to protest against changes to the law that would see an outright ban on abortion – even in cases of rape, incest or severe foetal abnormality. Dubbed the Czarny Protest, it’s understood that as many as six... Read more
Stormy Times

Stormy Times

Insider News 21 September 2016 0

The British Met Office has issued a list of 21 names that will be given to the worst storms that lash the country over the next 12 months. Selected by forecasters after over 10,000 suggestions were submitted by the public, the chosen names are an apt reflection of the... Read more
The End of Critical Mass
Organizers have announced that Warsaw’s monthly Critical Mass bike ride will cease after September. First held in 2002, the gathering was originally coordinated to both encourage the use of bikes as a means of daily transport whilst also highlighting the lack of necessary infrastructure available for cyclists. However, organizers... Read more
Final Cut For Kino Femina
Local campaigners have been left seething after it was announced that – contrary to initial promises – the historic Femina cinema is unlikely to ever resume a cultural role. The landmark movie house, sold in 2014 to budget supermarket chain Biedronka, had been subject to a vociferous campaign to... Read more
Burger War
Cult eatery Krowarzywa face a massive PR battle to rescue not just their reputation, but possibly their business. While few venues have done more to transform Warsaw’s eating habits, Krowarzywa find themselves up against a ferocious public backlash after news broke that their staff had downed tools to strike... Read more
Jewish Theatre Fights For Survival
Locked out of the building that has served as their home since 1970, actors from Warsaw’s Teatr Żydowski have refused to be cowed and retaliated in the best way they know how: through raising awareness of their plight by performing for free on Pl. Grzybowski. by Alex WEBBER |... Read more
Emilia, Love Ya’

Emilia, Love Ya’

Blog 7 March 2016 1

If you’ve been keeping a tab on the local news the last week or two then you’ll be familiar with the scandal enveloping one of Warsaw’s favorite remnants of commie concrete. Completed in 1969, but officially opened on January 15th, 1970, Dom Meblowy Emilia has been cited as one... Read more
Whine & Dine

Whine & Dine

Blog 21 October 2015 0

President of Poland Andrzej Duda came under fire after it was revealed that the King of Belgium was served a zł. 50 bottle of wine during a state visit to Poland in October. Speaking to Le Soir, the internationally acclaimed sommelier Erich Boschman led the criticism of the decision... Read more