Lokalna Bistronomia
The menu summons the spirit of Old Praga with appearances from stalwart heritage dishes such as sour-rye soup, Silesian dumplings, potato pie and chopped liver. Everything screams Made in Poland, right down to a drinks list that involves beer from the local Maryensztadt brewery. There’s atmosphere, as well, with... Read more
A grander opening there has not been this year. Inspired by the cuisine of Old Poland and pre-war Lviv, dishes include Galician-style herring and beef cooked in pork fat and served with white porridge and fried cabbage – as classic as they sound, presentation is pure 21st century and... Read more


Restaurants 8 March 2019 0

Find the humble dumpling reimagined under the practiced hand of chef Sandra Kotowicz, Poland’s very own Princess of Pierogi. Handmade with love and invention, find this basic Polish staple given a remarkable, sexy makeover – the place caused such a splash in 2018, even the BBC reported on it.... Read more
Pyzy Flaki Gorące
Head to decrepit Brzeska to unearth one of Praga’s favorite little secrets. Serving the best pyzy in town, find your little dumplings squashed into glass vessels then lathered with various toppings. Arguably the best budget meal in Warsaw, this is the essence of Poland served in a jar. Pyzy... Read more


Restaurants 19 February 2019 0

A vodka bar next to a vodka museum inside a former vodka factory… yep, at Wuwu you can’t escape the facts: vodka is everywhere. Wuwu’s reputation for peerless cocktails (based on you know what) and late hours (closing time: never) has grown exponentially over the months, but so too... Read more
Mała Polana Smaków
Looking warm and woodsy, this restaurant has emerged to become a major figure on the national restaurant scene thanks to their skilled interpretation of seasonal tastes and regional produce. Consistent in their delivery, expect full satisfaction from a menu that presents rejigged versions of Polish heroes such as herring... Read more
Jaś & Małgosia

Jaś & Małgosia

Going Out 2 January 2019 0

Insouciant one moment, your best friend the next, the staff at Jaś & Małgosia show the two faces of Polish service brilliantly. Reactivated a couple of years ago, this pavilion bar has a story dating back to the 60s, and a great atmosphere primed for plates of simple food,... Read more
Notes: Mała Polana Smaków
Few chefs have done more to rehabilitate Poland’s culinary reputation than Andrzej Polan – a crusader for seasonal tastes and regional produce, his is a menu that gives mundane sounding ingredients new impetus: you’ve had herring before, just not like this. Hell, even the humble dumpling is given an... Read more
Notes: Bez Gwiazdek

Notes: Bez Gwiazdek

Blog 2 October 2018 0

Back to Bez Gwiazdek, a place that’s struck to the heart of the Polish soul with a menu that settles on a different region each month – unless, that is, you do what we did and opt for the ‘Best of’ menu. A brilliant rundown of past best-sellers, expect... Read more
Zielony Niedzwiedź
A sanctuary of elegant fancy, it’s a place of long, dark shadows and discreet decorative touches: From the outset, you’re made to feel that good things will happen, and this they do. Certified by Poland’s fledgling slow food movement, the menu gives star billing to the suppliers that keep... Read more