Glow All The Way

Glow All The Way

Features 12 December 2018 0

Warsaw’s love of neon shows no sign of abating with three more landmark signs added within months of each other… CeDeT Designed and produced in East Germany as ‘an expression of gratitude’ after the Germans were given use of the first floor to sell their consumer goods, the original... Read more
Museums Set For Revamp
Two of Warsaw’s biggest attractions are set to be revamped after announcing plans for tweaks and improvements. In the case of the capital’s Rising Museum, a new entrance and temporary exhibition space will be added by Nizio Design, the Praga-based firm credited with the museum’s original design. Even more... Read more
Art Of The Matter: Łazienki
More than just the green lungs of Warsaw, Łazienki is a treasure trove of fine art and sculpture from days of old… BY STUART DOWELL If often feels like Warsaw is a city with chip on its shoulder, always apologising for itself. Like a former stage queen drowning her... Read more
Warsaw Uprising: 1944
Transformed, in the words of historian Norman Davies, into a “lawless laboratory of Nazi racial ideology,” wartime Poland was a dark place to be – but Warsaw darker still. Viewed as a melting pot of decadence, a hotbed of dissent, a cradle of European Jewry and a symbol of... Read more
Travel: Kraków

Travel: Kraków

Features 10 July 2018 0

Poland’s biggest tourist trap? Certainly! But there’s a reason Kraków’s cobbled streets sink each summer under the collective weight of the visiting planet. A city of bewitching beauty and intriguing history, few places on earth possess the same magic potion that makes Kraków so special… BY ALEX WEBBER |... Read more
Polish Vodka Museum Opens!
The regeneration of Praga’s Koneser Factory took a significant step forward today with the official opening of the Polish Vodka Museum – allegedly the first museum of its kind anywhere in the world. Set inside a 19th century distillery that once kept both locals and occupying Russian troops supplied... Read more
Fountains of Warsaw
Cool down this summer with a bullet stop tour of fountains great and small… The Unmissable! Now reactivated after the annual winter break, the Multimedia Fountain Park between the Old Town and river has thrilled millions since launching seven years ago. Equipped with 367 jets capable of firing 30,000... Read more
On A Pedestal: Nike
Resilient, courageous, combative and triumphant, the figure of Nike is all these and more. Standing at the intersection of Nowy Przejazd and Solidarności, the Greek Goddess of Victory (you didn’t think we were referring to the sneaker firm, did you?), is also arguably the city’s most misunderstood monument. Certainly,... Read more
Xmas Travel: Kraków

Xmas Travel: Kraków

Features 11 December 2017 0

Tourist trap? You bet! Even so, Kraków’s rise to the top table of European weekend breaks has not been without reason. Come Christmas, it’s hard to resist the spell of her sprawling Old Town. Stay Numbered in the gazillions, the choice of hotels is bewildering. Thrusting art & culture... Read more
Xmas Travel: Wrocław

Xmas Travel: Wrocław

Features 8 December 2017 0

Entwined within a tangle of ribboning rivers, Wrocław is a place of soaring spires and tight, cobbled alleys. Known by some as ‘the city of a hundred bridges’, this stunning town enchants all who visit. Stay The historic Monopol, a swank ensemble of marble, walnut and modern trimmings, is... Read more